Welcome to the Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies, a division of the Institute for Social and Political Research, West University of Timisoara. CRSP’s mission is to encourage the exchange of ideas between practitioners, political decision-makers and academics about the imprisonment punishment and to ensure that policies respond to the requirements of carceral life. The Centre was constituted as a specialized organization able to accumulate experience and research expertise in the field of penitentiary studies, and develop highly specialized teaching and training programs. CRSP’s activities are centered around its main objectives namely research, formation and consulting, in the fields of competencies of the CRSP members. Other objectives include penitentiary policies suggestions and dissemination of research results.


Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies

Good Thinking,

           Better Prison,

                      Better Society!



  1. CRSP - contributor to EU LLL Grundtvig Course.

The topic of the course: How to be an effective leader in adult education?

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